Waste water recovery

Wastewater recuperation can contribute to a reduced water consumption of your company.
In the end, even the water cycle can be closed.

Do you want to bet on reusable wastewater tailored to your application?

wastewater recovery
Waste water recovery

Advice on the operation of the wastewater plant and reuse of greywater

Water is becoming more and more expensive, so people are increasingly looking to reuse waste water. Moreover, the standards for discharging this water are becoming stricter all the time.

A high-quality water treatment plant not only ensures that the discharged wastewater stays within the legal limits and requirements, but also that this water can be reused in certain processes within the company.

WVT helps you to operate and adjust these installation(s) in order to close the water cycle as much as possible.

Furthermore, WVT Industries can support and assist you in the day-to-day operation of your water treatment facilities. The WVT team has expertise in:

  • Physico-chemical treatment;
  • Membrane technology;
  • Biological purification.

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