Bio Oil Cleaner


Bio Oil Cleaner is a universal cleaner that effectively replaces all solvent-based products such as kerosene, trichloroethylene, benzene, white spirit, etc.

Cleans and degreases quickly and in most cases without rubbing all oils and greases (mineral, vegetable and animal), waxes, dyes, ink, nicotine, mould and other stubborn dirt on all metals, plastics, rubber, concrete, etc.


  • Extremely suitable for machines and machine parts, most printing inks, aeroplanes, ship decks and ship holds, bus interiors, truck tarpaulins, soot deposits after a fire, conveyor belts, exhaust systems, steam hoods, etc.
  • Bio Oil Cleaner is biodegradable.


  • Easier to use than solvents;
  • Wide range of applications.


Dilute to maximum 1 : 20 with water, depending on the nature and degree of pollution. Apply by sponge, brush, sprayer, steam or high pressure cleaner.


We recommend wearing rubber gloves in case of prolonged skin contact.

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