Production & Automation

WVT Industries uses the latest technologies for the production of its high-quality detergents. The raw materials are supplied in bulk or in containers, in order to easily produce small and large quantities of product. Sophisticated software ensures the precise composition of the ingredients.

production and filling cleaning products production cleaning agents

This software also controls the production line, so that we can follow the production step by step in "real time". The computer control ensures that each formulation is composed of the right quantities.

A labyrinth of pipes, valves and pumps ensures that the desired raw material is led to one of the mixing tanks. Thanks to the automatic processing, human intervention is reduced to a minimum.

By applying this technique, we can easily adapt the formulation of detergents to your requirements. In doing this, we can perfectly take into account important factors such as:

  • the contamination to be removed;
  • the cleaning technology;
  • the ergonomics and the environment.

A batch report for each production run is drawn up and kept whether 200 litres or 20,000 litres. In this way, we can always monitor the quality.

In short, we can always guarantee the highest quality, even with a re-order!


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