Private label

There are many cleaning products that are often the perfect way to solve basic challenges.

But do you miss that extra touch in tailoring these products to the specific requirements of your business, or are these alternatives not in line with existing regulations?

Generic solutions offer the perfect alternative for these difficulties.

Private label

Our solution

After a company provides us with a sample of a certain product they are already using and tells us about its application, along with any problems, we look for the best alternative. The goal is to develop a cleaner that is more efficient, ecological, economical, ... or several of these aspects together.

Thus, we produce and supply products under private label in packaging ranging from one-litre bottles to tankers of thousands of litres, tailored to the customer's needs. In recent years, we have developed numerous products for the maritime, chemical and food industries. We have also launched many chemical cleaning solutions for SMEs.

In addition, you have the opportunity to let your own customers benefit from products developed especially for your company under private label.

  • Work with customised dry cleaning products that are optimised for your industry;
  • Reduce costs through higher concentrations and lower dilution;
  • Work with environmentally-friendly products;
  • Improve safety for your employees;
  • Work with packaging that meets your wishes;
  • Reap the commercial benefits.
Our products

Why choose a private label?

Many companies experience problems when using cleaning products. They have too many suppliers for the different products; the costs are high, while the eco- and user-friendliness are low; the products are not 100% adapted to their needs; or maybe their solution just doesn't exist yet?

It’s time to create and distribute your own solution!

Over the past 25 years, WVT has helped various companies (from small(er) companies to multinationals) to develop a cleaning solution under a private label, instead of the cleaning solution they were distributing themselves.

Find out more about how we can help you!

  • Reduce your costs by 10-35%

    Work with highly efficient and generic solutions, that allow you to work in less time, at lower temperatures and with less mechanical assistance.

  • Meet all the (environmental) standards

    Working with chemical products that comply with the CLP regulations (in terms of both product and material safety data sheets).

  • Customised solutions

    The formulation is adapted to the users' wishes and applications, taking into account a balance between efficiency and bio-degradability. Furthermore, an effort is made to achieve the safest possible formulation for both people and the environment.

  • Seize new business opportunities

    Release your generic product under a private label and create a new commercial opportunity for your company.


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How do customers benefit from our customised private label?

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    A tailor-made solution for your business?

    Do you first and foremost want a cost-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly product for your own company, without disclosing the producer?

    Then find out here how generic solutions or formulations can help you!

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