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Laboratory & Analysis: In our laboratory, all compositions are checked by means of a standardized and comprehensive quality analysis and control. Thanks to our specialized know-how, we meet the highest quality standards and can therefore always guarantee the delivery of a quality product. All cleaning products are made "tailor-made" for you.

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  • Lab & Analysis: New detergents are developed via contaminated raw materials sent to us by our customers. Together with an analysis sheet from the end user, this is extensively studied and documented in our laboratory.
  • The analysis sheet contains a number of parameters such as: the nature of the contamination, the method used to remove the contamination (circulation, high pressure, etc), temperature possibilities, the human parameters, such as whether or not to wear gloves or other safety equipment, the nature of the company (food, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc).
  • Thanks to their many years of experience and their technical know-how, our researchers can carry out highly targeted tests on the basis of the contaminated material and parameters, and can quickly reach a customised solution.
  • After the concept has been developed and tested on the contaminated raw material in the laboratory, the formulation is given a computerised numbering system. The parameters are also entered manually: this action by the production staff provides a double check for the subsequent production process.
  • In addition, a complete batch report is drawn up and kept for each large and small production run. In this way, we can always trace the quality and offer the highest quality guarantee, even for re-orders.

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