Water treatment

WVT Industries specialises in water treatment from A to Z, for your company too!

Let us guide you professionally from water analysis to water treatment!

water treatment and water analysis
Our expertise

Why choose WVT water treatment?

  • Broad expertise in water treatment

    Water is used in industry in many different ways: as drinking water, for cooling or heating, as a solvent, cleaning agent, etc. Each application requires different requirements to be met. Each application requires different requirements to be met, with possibly different quality requirements and composition of the water.

    Our experts are always available to answer questions about legal standards, water treatment processes, water treatment or chemical compositions.

  • Own laboratory

    WVT has its own laboratory where we can carry out tests quickly and accurately. Subsequently, the measurement results are always provided with an interpretation and specific advice on the adjustment and possible optimisation of your business processes.

    In this way, you will receive a clear and comprehensive report that provides insight into the water quality and its use in your process.

  • Fully customised

    No two companies are alike when it comes to water. Thanks to its many years of experience with various applications, WVT Industries is able to provide tailor-made solutions without any problems.

  • Water treatment and support from A to Z

    We do not only produce cleaning and treatment products for industrial applications, but also take care of the correct application of these products, carry out inspections and assist in the operation of installations. In this way you are fully and expertly supported by the specialists of WVT Industries.

  • Quality and compliance with legal obligations

    Developing management plans, drawing up a schedule for periodic inspections, on-site sampling by our experienced experts, including developing programmes to meet the legal criteria: WVT takes a planned and careful approach, so that your business processes always meet all legal standards and quality expectations.