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WVT Industries and Innovis join forces

18 August 2021

WVT Industries, a fast growing company specialised in research, development, production and sales of industrial cleaning and disinfection products announces the acquisition of Innovis. Innovis is a leading Brussels-based supplier of cleaning and disinfection products that are distributed to the professional kitchen and food wholesale segment under the well-known name of 'DIPP Professional'. Both companies, WVT Industries and Innovis, are active in the detergent and disinfectant industry, which is currently at the core of contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

With this transaction, WVT Industries confirms its previously announced intention to grow in a focused and faster manner by expanding geographically and strengthening its presence in complementary market segments. This transaction was completed with the support of Sofindev, WVT Industries' financial and strategic partner.

From its foundation in 2007, Innovis has become the reference in the supply of high quality hygiene products to small to medium-sized professional kitchens, with a leading market position in Belgium and a growing market presence in France and the Netherlands. The main end customers of Innovis are food retailers such as bakeries, butchers, snack bars, hotels and restaurants, etc. Industrial customers in the automotive, construction and maritime sectors also use Innovis' products, albeit to a lesser extent. Innovis was able to achieve this unique market position thanks to its portfolio of high-quality products, its intense marketing-driven approach and its strong customer intimacy.

This acquisition fits perfectly with the growth strategy of WVT Industries and its ambition to become a leading European player in cleaning chemicals and disinfectants by further expanding our product range and internationalising our activities. Innovis is a fast growing company that focuses on quality products & customer intimacy, which is fully in line with our vision. With the acquisition of Innovis, we are strengthening our presence in another niche market. The complementarity between WVT Industries and Innovis is strong, as are the common values and growth ambitions we share. We are very happy to join forces with Tom and his Innovis team and combine the best of both companies. Innovis is WVT Industries' second acquisition in 18 months, following the acquisition of Dutch company StarMarine Chemicals, and the first acquisition since Sofindev's investment in WVT Industries in May 2019. This acquisition also fits perfectly into our strategy of achieving a healthy balance between organic and acquisitive growth. - Ward Van Thielen, managing director and founder of WVT Industries


I am pleased to conclude this partnership because of the great complementarity between the two companies and the growth opportunities and synergies that will be generated from this combination. We are taking this opportunity to join the WVT Industries platform and are confident that we have found the right partner to help us realise our strong growth ambitions in our market. This evolution allows Innovis to further focus on product quality, innovation and customer service, while relying on the strong expertise and experience of WVT Industries. - Tom Hochepied, co-shareholder and managing director of Innovis


The Sofindev team is very proud of what we have achieved in the past year together with Ward Van Thielen and the WVT team in terms of transformation and growth. We would also like to thank Tom Hochepied and the shareholders of Innovis for entrusting WVT Industries as the new home for Innovis, and we welcome them as shareholders of the WVT Group. This is a great step in our ambitious development plan and we look forward to continuing to support WVT Industries' and Innovis' journey to growth. - Jan Camerlynck, partner Sofindev

About WVT Industries

WVT Industries was founded by Ward Van Thielen in 1997, and quickly developed into a leading player in the European market for industrial cleaning and disinfection products.

The client portfolio of WVT Industries mainly comprises European companies from various industrial sectors: from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to the automotive, aviation, metal industry, shipping, waste processing and transport sectors. WVT Industries offers its customers an extensive range of safe and ecologically (environmentally) sound industrial cleansing and disinfection products.

In 2018, WVT Industries completed its first acquisition: the Dutch company StarMarine Chemicals, which has 35 years of expertise in ship-cleaning chemicals, water treatment, tank cleaning products and other products for the maritime industry.

About WVT Industries: wvtindustries.com, www.starmarine.nl and www.dipp.eu


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