Generic chemical cleaning products

Are you a wholesaler and supplier of professional chemical cleaners, degreasers or graffiti removal products?
Then you probably want to provide your customers with the best solutions that fit their specific needs. You may also be interested in offering more effective and environmentally friendly alternatives under your own private label, in order to build up a strong and trusted brand and to create larger profit margins.

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How do we create better and sustainable cleaning solutions? Quite simply: challenge us with your specific question!

Send us a sample of the product you want to improve in order to make it more effective, biodegradable or cheaper. Our experts ,will analyse your sample in our own laboratory and will develop a tailor-made generic product, perfectly matching your private label ambitions.

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  • We offer higher quality products.
  • Offer efficient generic solutions to customers with a strong bio-reflection.
  • Meet every specific demand of your customers.
  • Increase your profit margins thanks to products marketed under a private label.
  • Market your product with your own packaging.
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