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Are your industrial machines or processes treated with toxic cleaning products that pose dangerous environmental risks? Are these products expensive and not 100% effective? So why would you keep reverting to them? Why not look for a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to improve your business? Our generic solutions can help you do just that!

Download our success case and discover our degreasers, graffiti removers or professional chemical cleaning products!

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Generic solutions

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Each industry has its specific requirements and regulations for their cleaning and maintenance needs. Water-based solvents and cleaners must be optimised for each specific application and must be aimed at avoiding excessive and unnecessary use and rinsing.
That's why we want you to challenge us!

Send us a sample of your current product. Our dry cleaning experts will analyse your sample in our own laboratory, then develop and produce a customised alternative that meets your requirements.

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  • Work with customised chemical cleaning products that are optimised for your industry;
  • Reduce costs through higher concentrations and lower dilution;
  • Work with environmentally-friendly products;
  • Improve safety for your employees;
  • Avoid excessive use;
  • Work with packaging according to your wishes;
  • Create your own private label and benefit from commercial advantages.
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