removal of carbon black

Carbon black

August 16, 2021
carbon black
Carbon black

Recently, we were asked to remove Carbon Black from an 80 cm diameter subsea pipe over a length of 4 km.

There was no possibility to clean under high pressure, to sandblast the pipes or to clean according to the "pigging" principle.

The only parameter we could work with was simply temperature.

However, despite the few cleaning possibilities, we did not shy away from the challenge. Thanks to our experience and product knowledge, we quickly found a chemical solution.

The saviour turned out to be our product "Argon TF/ZP". We used a 20% solution of Argon TF/ZP and heated it up to 60°C. We then circulated this solution through the pipes for 2 hours. The pipes were then emptied and rinsed with pure water at 60°C for another hour. This resulted in perfectly clean pipes.

It has also proved to be perfectly capable of removing Petcoke.

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