Lab de-lacquering DEcap Alu

Decap Alu - Safe stripping without methylene chloride

August 16, 2021


Decap Alu:

For years, there has been a demand for products for deodorisation to replace methylene chloride.

Although there are alternatives on the market, their use is often hampered by the disadvantages associated with these products, such as:

  • The products have to be heated, which involves a large energy cost. 
  • The products are very strongly alkaline, so they cannot be used for non-ferrous materials (e.g. aluminium).

WVT Industries has succeeded in developing a revolutionary product where all these disadvantages no longer exist.

Decap Alu is a powerful, liquid and fast-acting stripper for the removal of various paints/lacquers and adhesives for all types of metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous.

  • Due to its fast-acting properties, Decap Alu can, in most cases, be used as an ideal replacement for paint removers based on (prohibited) Methylene chloride.
  • Removes traditional powder coatings with a layer thickness of 60-80 microns in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Does not attack aluminium after a contact time of 3 hours.

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